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Welcome to my website, which is loosely focussed on research in the marine environment and spatial analysis.

My name is Sarah.

Sarah Hamylton

Sarah Hamylton

I do research on, and generally enjoy interacting with, coastal environments.


Specifically my research interests lie in the application of Geospatial technology (geographical information systems, geographical positioning systems and remote sensing) to the study of tropical coastal environments (coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses). I enjoy making maps and models that help us to further understand coastlines at the landscape scale. I have worked in Fiji, Thailand, the Philippines, the Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Belize, New Caledonia and Australia. In 2010 I completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, entitled “Modelling the Structure and Function of Tropical Marine Communities at the Landscape Scale”. I am now researching Australian reef systems and you can read more about this on my webpage at the University of Wollongong here: Sarah Hamylton 

General enjoyment

I live in a small coastal town an hour south of Sydney called Thirroul. Most days my family and I visit one of the local beaches, where we have seen humpback whales jumping, surfed with pods of dolphins, sung songs with the Kuradji gang at the aboriginal tent embassy and enjoyed many soy lattes.

I work at the University of Wollongong (New South Wales, Australia) and am enthusiastic about most things with a coastal theme.

You can also find more details about me here:

University of Wollongong  ** Twitter ** Sarah Hamylton CV

I hope you enjoy the blogs and other content.

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