Parenting and conservation

Becoming a parent has made me feel more keenly the need to protect our marine environment. My custodianship grew in ways that I hadn’t anticipated. I was reminded of this Tim Winton quote as Henry had his first splash in the shallows at Lady Elliot Island earlier this year.


“This summer just gone I took my grand-daughter into the sea for the first time. She wasn’t walking then, so she clung on like a barnacle as I waded in with her. It was lovely to feel her shudder with the strangeness of all those competing stimuli – the surges of current and light and noise, the spill of waves across her delicate skin. What a thrill it is for a sun-damaged old beachcomber to initiate another generation, to feel that I’m passing on a kind of saltwater birthright – a healthy sea. Yet only a fool could suggest that this little girl’s coastal inheritance is secure.” Tim Winton, “When the tide turns” Good Weekend, April 14th, 2012.

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